Preparing for Lent – Mass XVII


Religious singing by the people is to be intelligently fostered so that in devotions and sacred exercises, as also during liturgical services, the voices of the faithful may ring out according to the norms and requirements of the rubrics.”

Sacrosanctum Concilium
Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy – Second Vatican Council 1963

Whenever we change the Ordinary at Mass, people object. The last time we sang Mass XI ‘Orbis Factor‘ some members of the congregation complained they did not like the new Sanctus or why could we  not go back to the Gloria that everyone knows.  You can’t blame them really. In our parish we stick with the Missa de Angelis for Ordinary Sundays, Christmas and Easter, and Mass XVIII (sometimes with the ‘Orbis Factor’ Kyrie) for Advent and Lent. Everyone knows these Ordinaries really well and they sing them well.

This Lent we are singing Mass XVII, the correct Ordinary for Sundays in Lent. I am nervous the congregation will not join in. It is so important that they do, the Ordinary is the Chant of the congregation after all. At our choir practices we have been learning it for the last few weeks. The choir have picked it up very quickly, it is easier than the Missa De Angelis.  I think it is rather beautiful, actually.

Does anyone have any tips for teaching the Congregation a new Mass setting?

Here are all the parts for Mass XVII from the absolutely brilliant site Saint Antoine Daniel. Note we are singing Kyrie B. The recordings are fantastic on this site. Last night, we sang through each part of the Mass and then listened to these recordings. It was extremely profitable.


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