3 thoughts on “ASH WEDNESDAY 2011

  1. Sue Martyk says:

    Just so you know, Attende Domine is not a sequence, has never been a sequence, and is not a permissible option to sing before (or after) the Alleluia. IGMR 64 does not mean that *any* sequence in the world, out of the many hundreds that there have been, can be sung purely on a whim. It means that when a sequence is *assigned* to a day, like the Stabat Mater is for September 15, it is optional except in the specific cases listed as mandatory.

    In short: you definitely cannot just open up a book, find some sequence you like, and sing it on any given day. And even if you could, Attende Domine is not a sequence.

    • Clare says:


      Thank you so much for your comment. I have made some inquiries and of course you are correct (although there are some caveats with your use of the word “can’t,” eg. In the dioceses of the US, one could perhaps argue that Attende, Domine is a legitimate substitute under the ‘other antiphon in an approved collection’ provision of the US version of the IGMR and in Sing to the Lord. Of course it is not a valid argument, but some might.

      The other problem is with the ‘what the rubrics allow’ instruction which for many people is a fuzzy definition. If you’re smart enough then there is always an obscure document somewhere which you can take great liberties with.)

      The Attende Domine is of course an antiphon with verses that is typically done in a responsorial style between choir and congregation. It is not a sequence. Even if it were a sequence, you are correct that sequences sung before the Gospel are limited to the sequence of the day, which is optional in the OF. Of the things to sing before the Gospel, the Attende Domine is probably the most suitable

      We now be singing the Tract as per the GR to psalm tone II which is always the preferable option to anything else before the Gospel. Although a friend of mine said, “As a matter of practice, Attende Domine is better than many—if not most—other things that will be sung before the Lenten Sunday gospels in a majority of parishes. But it certainly is not within the scope of a careful reading of the rubrics of the IGMR.”

      Thank you for your vigilance


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