What are you singing in your parish this Lent?

One of the main problems with running a Parish choir who sing every Sunday is you never get to go to Mass anywhere else and hear what other choirs are singing. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I would probably still think we should be singing the same hymns I grew up with.

I want to know what other parishes are singing during Lent or what you have heard today in your parish. I felt our music was just a bit Latin-heavy today….

We sang the Introit and Gradual in full and  the Tract to Psalm Tone II

Mass XVII (Our first Sunday and the congregation sang very well. )

Credo III

Attende Domine

Hymns: Lord Jesus Think on Me and Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead us.

We finished with the Ave Regina Caelorum (Simple Tone.)

Drop me a line in the comments box. Let me know what you are doing?