What are you singing in your parish this Lent?

One of the main problems with running a Parish choir who sing every Sunday is you never get to go to Mass anywhere else and hear what other choirs are singing. If it wasn’t for the Internet, I would probably still think we should be singing the same hymns I grew up with.

I want to know what other parishes are singing during Lent or what you have heard today in your parish. I felt our music was just a bit Latin-heavy today….

We sang the Introit and Gradual in full and  the Tract to Psalm Tone II

Mass XVII (Our first Sunday and the congregation sang very well. )

Credo III

Attende Domine

Hymns: Lord Jesus Think on Me and Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead us.

We finished with the Ave Regina Caelorum (Simple Tone.)

Drop me a line in the comments box. Let me know what you are doing?


4 thoughts on “What are you singing in your parish this Lent?

  1. leutgeb says:

    Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen.
    EF Missa Cantata 10.30am
    Aspeges me
    Mass XVII (surprisingly good also for a first outing.)
    Credo I
    Ave Regina Caelorum (Simple tone)
    Rossini Propers apart from Communion Chant from the Graduale.

    Our music is always a bit Latin heavy….
    Offertory Hymn Stabat Mater in English
    Communion Hymn Something by Faber, F#, F# E F#, A G E, D E, F# – *cough* great words, just can’t actualy remember them.

  2. Clare says:

    Neville McNally who has been organising the brilliant chant courses at Portsmouth Cathedral (there is another this this Saturday – details to follow) sent me an e-mail:

    This morning I was with the Schola Gregoriana Sancti Nicolai (the 1st Sunday of Lent being 10th anniversary of the Schola’s formation) at St Peter’s Church in Winchester. We did the following:

    – all the proper melodies (including the Tract)
    – Asperges
    – Mass XVII ordinary (2nd Kyrie option, Mode 6)
    – Credo I
    – Vespers hymn Audi benigne Conditor (after singing the Communion antiphon (Scapulis suis)) at the distribution of Communion
    – Ave Regina Caelorum, at the end of Mass

  3. Clare says:

    Kate from St Nicholas’ Church, just up the road from us emailed:

    This morning we sang Turn Thy Face From My Sin (Attwood) which I also heard on the Radio 4 Sunday Service last week. We will be doing Lord For Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake (Hilton) and some unremarkable stuff from the hymnbook as we are, in effect, leaderless until after Easter. In the past I’ve done stuff like Drop Drop Slow Tears (Gibbons), Remember Thou O Man (Ravenscroft), Crown of Roses (Tchaikovsky), My Dancing Day (part 2) and a nice anthem (can’t remember title and book is in church) which begins “Jesu Lord that madest me, and with they precious blood has bought…

    Very ordinary Mass setting, Rizza Kyrie and a bit of something else for the Sanctus etc. Psalm setting and Lent Prose from the NEH.

  4. Patricius says:

    Hymn: Again we keep this solemn fast; Kyrie xi (Orbis Factor); Responsorial Psalm (parishioner); Gospel Acclamation (Walsh); Sanctus xviii; Memorial Acclamation (Missal); Agnus Dei xviii, Hymn: Lord Jesus think on me; Ave Regina Caelorum (simple tone)- all sung without choir or accompaniment.

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