Tartini’s Stabat Mater



When you mention the Stabat Mater, most people instantly think of Pergolesi’s beautiful setting of the sequence. I have recently found a three- part choral setting of the Stabat Mater  by  Giuseppe Tartini, a man more  known for his Violin Sonatas and fencing… This piece is quite simply, divine. The verses alternate between the Soprano 1, Soprano 2, Alto polyphonic settings and the plainchant melody.  As it is Laetare Sunday this Sunday, we have a virtuoso organist coming play and conveniently he is also a very good counter-tenor so he can sing alto.

I can’t find any recordings of Tartini’s Stabat Mater except for  this solitary film on You Tube which actually is rather brilliantly sung.


The full score can be found at ChoralWiki