St.Cecilia’s have a new website

The Benedictine Nuns of St.Cecilia’s Abbey on the Isle of Wight have a new website.

You can even hear recordings of the community singing the Gregorian Chant they are so renowned for.

On the question and answers page, this particular response struck me :-

Why do you still sing your liturgy in Latin?

“If girls don’t know Latin when they enter – and they usually don’t know any – they learn it in the novitiate. It is astonishing how quickly you pick it up with one-to-one teaching and singing it in the liturgy several times a day. The same is true of Gregorian Chant. Most of us are not “musical”, but our choir mistress says she has found that anyone can learn to sing the Chant. People nowadays often use discipline in posture and breathing as aids to prayer, or learn to discern the promptings of the Spirit through their memory or imagination or emotions. Learning Latin and music for the sake of praying through the Chant is just another discipline which centuries of experience have shown to be a way to deeper union with God.”


TODAY  is the Thursday of the 3rd Week in Lent – in case you have lost your calendar or just woken up from an exceptionally long slumber.

That means, WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH LENT!!!!!!!!    (‘Only halfway?’  I hear the Chocolate-lovers cry.)


Half down, half to go..  The end is in sight