The Holy Week Journal Part 1

Tonight a small group of women and one cat (also female) got together around a Kitchen table in central London armed with Triplex’s, Gregorian Missals and one ipad. Their aim to learn all the Good Friday chant and to sing through Mass I  – Yes folks, the end is in sight and soon there will be more A-words than you can shake a crozier at.  One member of our group was bearing up pretty well considering she did ‘THE’ Marathon yesterday. 26.2 miles and that was just the procession at Blackfen.

Once we had sorted our Hagios’s from our Sanctus’s, the talk moved to the forthcoming visit of Dom Ives Marie, the Choir Director of Solemes to our humble capital city. It seems the great and the good of the Chant World are all descending on London town for his visit. From the chairman of an organisation with the initials LMS to the conductor of a quite well known Cathedral Choir not a million miles from Victoria Station to… Well, I might not have the academic credentials but I do regularly eat pizza with the course organiser.

And so back to the Triplex and that Good Friday Tract. I learnt this evening that the ‘c’ in the St Gall manuscript means to speed up which is what we will need to do on Friday if we are ever going to get to the end of it.


One thought on “The Holy Week Journal Part 1

  1. leutgeb says:

    Very funny. All power the kitchen table!

    The car park at Blackfen is indeed a mighty space, not that I saw anything of it as my face was about six inches from my Liber, as the photos do testify.

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