Hymns for Holy Thursday

Before the list of Hymns for Holy Thursday l must just say something…

Firstly, I would like to apologise to all those who have typed into Google  ‘We have a king who rides a Donkey’ and have ended up on this site – and there have been many…I think you may have been misdirected. Secondly, to all of you who are still searching for ‘Hymns for Palm Sunday.’  Give up. It’s too late. It’s come and gone. No more Kings, no more donkeys, no more Hosannah in filio. It’s all over for another year so start typing in Holy Thursday, Maundy Thursday, the Triduum, Loud Organ fanfares, Antiphons for feet-washing etc…  You need to move on.

And as for the person that typed in ‘cold shower penance’ and found this site, well…  l really don’t know what to say.


It is very important to remember that the organ is silent after the Gloria. You really should try and sing everything unaccompanied from then on.  The Organ must be silent until the Gloria of the Easter Vigil

Opening Hymn – Glorifying the cross

Lift High the Cross – We sang this a couple of years ago and our congregation didn’t really know it.

When I survey the wondrous Cross

The glory of the cross we sing

The Royal Banners forward go

The heavenly word proceeding forth

Sing my tongue the glorious battle (Can be sung to ‘Westminster Abbey’)

Feet Washing

Ubi Caritas  – in the Extraordinary Form

Mandatum Novum da vobis  from the Graduale (We are singing the option from the Graduale Simplex which alternates the Mandatum antiphon with verses from Psalm 118)

A new commandment

Abide With Me

Attende Domine

Adoro Te


A New Commandment – Richard Shepherd

O Vos Omnes – Casals


Ubi Caritas  – in the Ordinary Form

Where is love and loving kindness

Blest are the pure in heart

God Be in My Head

Eat this bread (Taize)

Gifts of bread and wine  (There are some older version of this)

Offertory Motets:

Ubi Caritas – Durufle

Dextera Domini – Palestrina


Oh thou who at thy Eucharist didst pray

Adoro Te  or Godhead here in hiding

This is my body, broken for you

O Bread of Heaven

Soul of my Saviour

Psalm 22

Communion Motets:

Ave Verum Corpus   – Choose a setting that can be easily sung unaccompanied. We are going to sing the Elgar which can be sung without the organ.

O Sacrum Convivium

Panis Angelicus

At the procession to the place of Repose:

Pange Lingua  –  Remember that you only sing up the end of verse four. The celebrant intones the the fifth verse ‘Tantum ergo sacramentum’ when he reaches the place of repose.

English Hymn alternative – Of the glorious body telling

During the stripping of the altars silence is ideal but you could sing the Taizes, Stay with Me or Jesus Remember me

And if you enjoyed singing ‘We have a King who Rides a Donkey’ on Sunday you might like to try these:

Taste and See

Bind us Together

I am the bread of life


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