Dom Ives-Marie & The Chant Workshop

Three incredible days have just been spent at St James, Spanish Place in London studying under the tutelage of Dom Yves-Marie Lelièvre, Choirmaster at the Abbaye Saint-Pierre de Solesmes, France.

An incredible array of  singers came from far (Canada) and wide (Brighton)

This is a photo of Saturday’s group which included nine of our choir at St Mary Magdalen’s and the chant choir of St James’s

During the three days we not only had the opportunity to study the propers for the 3rd Sunday in Easter (OF) and the liturgy of the hours for those particular days, but we got to sing Lauds, Sext, Vespers and Compline in the majestic acoustic of the church of St James’s.

The three days culiminated in the great celebration of the Ordinary Form Mass sung in Latin for the 3rd Sunday in Easter on Saturday night.  I will upload the recordings soon.

A huge thanks to the organiser, Candy,  who achieved something really quite special.

I have never sung so many Alleluias!

There are more photo HERE

Joseph Shaw has also posted some HERE (and he has a rather nifty wide-angle lens on his camera)


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