Dom Yves Marie and the Chant Workshop 2 – Recordings

I’m afraid the recordings are terrible. I recorded most of the 3rd Sunday in Easter Mass but sadly only on my mobile phone which just could not cope with the width of the acoustic at St James’. Anyway, here’s the first Alleluia with the ladies of our schola cantoring the verse. When we had a repetition of phrases Dom Yves-Marie encouraged us to vary the dynamics. He said the choice of dynamic was a matter of preference  so we opted to sing the first phrase forte and the second piano. Despite the terrible recordings I was struck by how incredbly beautiful these Easter Season chants are particularly when sung by a large schola. Breathe at the quarter bar lines and the magic is lost. The sound has to be continuous.

Alleluia mp3

Here is the second Alleluia with the men of the Schola singing the verse. Again, the distortion will make your ears bleed.

alleluia 2


2 thoughts on “Dom Yves Marie and the Chant Workshop 2 – Recordings

  1. Bridget Chatterley says:

    They are lovely to hear, regardless of the sound quality.

    I have recorded one Compline, one Vespers and half of the final Mass, good recording quality and have so far just got the Compline transcribed to computer in a wav file. I’m not sure how to send it as it is too big for email, but will find out some more.

    I loved the picture too.


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