Bloggers gagged on Universae Ecclesiae

A new instruction on Summorum Pontificum is released and no can talk about it.  Why?  Because Blogger is well ++ggered.

Head to the Catholic Herald for a commentary on Universae Eccesiae or leap over the pond to Fr Z’s blog where he has recorded a podcast. Meanwhile the  virtual world of clerical collars remains in deafening silence.

It is Friday 13th after all…

UPDATE:  I’ve decided that the Google Blogger Outage today is of far more interest than the Summorum Pontificum instruction. In a week when Google have announced the importance of the future of ‘cloud-computing’ as they launch their ‘Chromebook‘ suddenly a huge online service has crashed locking users out of the account and leaving blogs in read-only mode. For the number two brand in the world, this is a major, major disaster. What is particularly worrying is if this were to happen to one of Google’s other key services like Documents or Mail. As soon as users begin to doubt the reliability of  a particular platform and start considering backing up their content somewhere else the brand is doomed. Google’s previously untarnished image is starting to crack.


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