Marian Hymns for May – Salve Mater Misericórdiae

On the 28th May at the LMS pilgrimage to Our Lady at West Grinstead as a Recessional hymn we will be singing the Salve Mater the great 11th century Marian hymn in Mode V.  I am hoping this hymn will be on the Mass sheets so everyone can join it.

Salve mater misericórdiae, Mater Dei, et mater véniae, 

Mater spei, et mater gratiae. Mater plena sanctae laetitie, O Maria!

Hail, mother of mercy, Mother of God, and Mother of pardon, Mother of hope, and Mother of grace, Mother full of holy joy, O Mary!

A rather polished recording with tons of reverb.

I rather like this recording – it’s those Spanish monks. More gusto

The score in square notation

The score in modern notation

If you know anymore about the history of this hymn then drop me a comment.


3 thoughts on “Marian Hymns for May – Salve Mater Misericórdiae

  1. david says:

    As part of the EF serving team at West Grinstead this will be most appropriate for a truly Catholic setting.Who wants “folk” when we have such riches.Keep up the good work.

  2. Clare says:


    I think of the medieval hymns as being proper ‘folk’ tunes and you don’t even need a 12 string guitar and a tambourine to sing along to them. It’s amazing really.

    Thank you for your kind comment.

    Look forward to meeting you on 28th.


  3. MARYFA says:

    I first heard this hymn in Lourdes. On returning to my convent School I asked the music nun why we did not sing it as it was in the Westminster Hymnal(259) which we used daily. It is also in Plainsong for Schools. Her comment was that it was something to do with the Carmelites. We never got to sing it!

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