Jacques and his incredible Gregorian Book database

The photo is of my grandfather’s Liber Usualis from 1904 that I have recently been given.

I met Jacques on the course with Dom Yves-Marie at St James’s, Spanish Place.  He has sent me a link to his web page which lists all the Gregorian book references he finds from the Internet and beyond.


Arranged chronologically, it is an incredibly thorough database not just of key book publications but includes encyclicals and Motu Proprios, as well as French and English history.  Jacques says he started this list “because all these events are important to understand the life of the Church.”  He also says he decided to start this database after attending the chant course at Portsmouth Cathedral run by Chris Hodkinson ” to first fix in my head all the books they were talking about at the workshop…. books that I had never heard before!”

Have a look. It is quite brilliant.  I particularly love the fact that he has shopping links. He will actually tell you whether a particular edition is available somewhere online. Genius. Update: The shopping list is compulsive. I have just spent £45 at Lulu.com, the self-publishing site. If you put in the voucher code BOOK355, you get 20% off any purchases. 

If you are book buying and looking for a discount, another very useful site is www.retailmenot.com. All the latest voucher code discounts for most online stores. Works in UK as well as in the USA


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