Singing the New translation of the Roman Missal PT1

Reasons why the new translation of the Roman Missal will be a glorious thing:-

My favourite, so far, of the new Gloria’s is Jeffrey Ostrowski’s:
Closer to home, Marty Haugen has written a Mass Setting called the ‘Storrington Mass‘.  Sadly, due to parish commitments I most probably won’t get the opportunity to pop over to Storrington to see whether their parishioners will be singing said Mass. However, I do know that conveniently there are parts available for a variety of instruments to accompany this Mass, presumably this is too encourage the congregation to bring their own instruments along. These include brass quartet, timpani, flute, oboe and handbells. I wonder if you can play the setting on any old handbell or they need to be tonal. Unfortunately, it is ranked as ‘DIFFICULTY LEVEL: E’ which sounds terribly high (not actually sure what the scale goes up to but lets asssume it is F) so I think it might be too tricky for our parish. Not sure either if we have any spare timpani knocking around.


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