The Paschal Candle – now you see it, now you don’t, now you see it again…

On Thursday evening at our Ascension Day Missa Cantata, I watched the Paschal Candle being extinguished after the Gospel. This morning it was back again.

In any parish that celebrates both rites of the Mass, there is now a ridiculous situation where the poor MC has to keep moving the Paschal Candle until Pentecost. I was chatting to a priest yesterday who was saying the Paschal Candle was moved four times in his parish on Thursday. At one point someone even got out last year’s candle for a Mass in a side chapel.

Talking to Sister Clare, the guest mistress at St Cecilia’s, she urged us to all write to our bishops and insist that Ascension Day is moved back to its correct day. The sisters, incidentally, celebrated Ascension Day on Thursday, but the Monks at Quarr Abbey were celebrating it today. So lets all write to our bishops not just to point out the theological inaccuracies of transferring the feast to the Sunday but for the sake of our MCs before they end up with serious back problems.


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