If the OF is good enough for the Pope…

Over at Bara Brith, Leutgeb has written a a heartfelt piece firstly on on kneeling and then subsequently on her thoughts about the two forms of the Mass:-

I would be very happy to only go to EF Masses, but do go to OF Masses perfectly easily. It would be fair to say that 95% of Masses that I go to are in the EF and the the last two OF Masses that I went to were at Quarr and Westminster Cathedral. It is the Mass that the Pope celebrates daily and if he can celebrate it, I can attend it. I worry about how Catholic I actually am if I start really not wanting to go to the OF. Teaching authoriy, valid sacraments, that’s the bottom line. If you lack either of those, I’m not there and I’m not interested. No, oddly enough, I don’t like it when things aren’t done right, but I’m not a priest and that’s his business in the first instance. The only time I suspend my capacity to be endlessly critical of myself and everyone else (much more me than you folks, honest,)is in Church, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to adopt a critical mindset here. I can’t see what’s going on anyway because I look at the floor most of the time and am increasingly good at screening out English which sounds like blah blah blah. Other people have other entrenched views. For me as long as the Mass is Catholic, celebrated by a Priest in good standing, doing his best to do it right, I’m not complaining.

There is also a very amusing comment from one of her readers on Pope Benedict saying the ordinary form:

I agree that the OF Mass is the one the Holy Father celebrates daily, it’s just that he doesn’t have inane chatter before and after his Masses, banal guitar music throughout and people doing odd things on the sanctuary. I would happily attend a Mass like that.


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