Next Saturday Missa Solemnis for SS John Fisher B & Thomas More MM

Next Saturday at 11am we have a Missa Solemnis in the Extraordinary Form for :-


I Cl  R
Gl Cr  Common Pr
Festal Office     At Prime Ps 53 Deus, in nomine tuo instead of Ps 117
At Vespers Commem of following

It will be the a first Mass of Fr Frederic Kernbach who was ordained last week for the diocese of Paderborn in Germany. He will give his first blessings after the Mass.

Schola Scholastica (my female voice Schola) will be singing at the Mass

Resources for singers are as follows:

Thanks to Tom Windsor, who has pointed us in the direction of the correct propers (we were nearly going to celebrate the First Mass of Several Martyrs.) In 1937 after the Canonisation of Thomas More, a new Mass was added to for this feast day. It is found right at the back of the English 1961 Liber Usualis. It can also be found in the 1937 Graduale on the Musica Sacra site.

UPDATE  Tom has just produced a PDF of propers  SSFisherMorePropers

SECOND UPDATE – He has now made up Mass Sheets with all the proper prayers on HERE


Mass Sheets from Birmingham Oratory HERE


Introit – Multae tribulationes

Recording of Introit from Nuns of Poor Clare’s

H/T  Vox Feminae

Gradual Accedite ad eum   (Not found in Chants Abreges)

Alleluia Haec est vita – Tom writes that it is unusual that the regular Alleluia is the same as the Paschaltide  first Alleluia.  Lazy composers…

Offertory Mirabilis Deus

Communion Oves meae v  (verses not listed in Psalmorum)

Office hymn Aeterna Christi Mundi

Music Te Deum (Tonus Simplex)

The Ordinary will be Mass VIII with Credo III

Motet after the consecration will be Panis Angelicus by Giuseppe Baini  –  SCORE HERE   for SSA

This is a tricky Mass.  The texts are not found anywhere else in the Missal, new music was composed for some of the propers  or old tunes were taken and adapted and the Introit and Offertory were nicked from other Masses.  For the sub-deacon, he is confronted with a long epistle. This reading only appears somewhere in Matins, nowhere in the Missal. No one has had a chance to set it to one of the Epistle tones.
I have suddenly realised how much we rely on the brilliant resources on the internet which pretty much mainly come from America. Suddenly we have a Mass which only appears in English Missals and it is tough. The resources just aren’t there in the internet.   How did they cope before the internet?  They passed it down from generation to generation… but the generation before me gave up or had to give up the Latin Mass and so we must start again from scratch..  A massive thanks to Tom at St Bede’s who has really helped us out for this Saturday.


5 thoughts on “Next Saturday Missa Solemnis for SS John Fisher B & Thomas More MM

  1. Thomas Windsor says:

    My Missal(s) and Liber(s) have a Proper Mass for SS. John Fisher and Thomas More (July 9) it is for all diocese of England and Wales;
    INT. Multae tribulationes
    GRAD. Accedite ad eum,
    ALL. Heac est
    OFF. Mirabilis Deus
    COM. Oves Meae

    This is found in the back of English Liber Usualis, from around 1937…

    I have been meaning to produce a Propers sheet, and is listed on the website as one still to do. I could do one tomorrow if needed…

  2. Stan Metheny says:

    Would be nice to have those propers in pdf to share, as none of my copies of the LU have the English propers. Thanks.

    Stan Metheny

  3. Thomas Windsor says:

    Well this is great, now all these resources can be found by google search.

    I took the music for the Propers from the Graduale (1961) on the Musica Sacra website, they are set up to be used for Votive Masses, But they have made a mistake and left out the Paschaltide double Alleluia for the Introit. This is found correct in the Liber Usualis, the other error found in all the books I have seen is the Alleluia at the end of the Offertory, should be omitted during Septuagesima and Lent.

    I have placed all the resources on one page here;

    At some stage I will correct the Propers, so they can be used for Votive Masses.

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