The Rubrics for a Solemn Te Deum

Rupert, one of our Thurifer’s.   Looks like there is a blow torch on the shelf below. Not sure when the rubrics dictate that should be used in the Latin Mass.

On Saturday at the end of the Missa Solemnis for SS Thomas More and John Fisher we have a Solemn Te Deum.

The procedure is as follows:

– Incense is prepared; the thurifer (or ideally two thurifers) take their place outside the communion rail (oh we don’t have one..)
– The Sacred Ministers stand at the bottom of the High Altar steps, flanked by candles with the assisting clergy and servers

The Catholic Encyclopedia sites:

When sung thus immediately before or after Mass, the celebrant, may wear the vestments appropriate in colour to the day, unless these should happen to be black. Otherwise, while the rubrics prescribe no special colour, violet is forbidden in processions of thanksgiving (pro gratiarum actione), green is inappropriate for such solemn occasions, red (though permissible) would not suggest itself, unless some such feast as Pentecost, for example, should call for it. White, therefore, or gold, which is considered its equivalent, is thus left as the most suitable colour.

– The choir and congregation sing the hymn standing, even when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed.

– The celebrant intones the Te Deum Laudamus

– The choir sings continues singing the  te Dominum confitémur. (We are just going to sing the Simple Tone from the Liber Cantualis in the hope that the congregation join in)  during which the thurifer swings the thurible in an arc wider than he would do if the Magnificat runs long  (Yikes – Don’t think that’s quite 360 degrees..) Bells can also be rung.

– All genuflect during “Te ergo quaesumus, tuis famulis etc….   redemisti.” “We therefore pray Thee…Precious Blood.”

– At the end the versicles “Benedicamus Patrem…” are added, followed by the single prayer “Deus cujus misericordiae.”


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