Hymns for 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

Taken at harvest time last year on the South Downs

Thematic hymns for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time A:

I think ‘agricultural’ themed hymns can be tricky .

The Introit this week ‘Ecce Deus’ focuses on ‘God as my helper’ “Lord the protector of my name.’


The ‘big seeds’ everyone will know:

Come ye thankful people come

All people that on earth do dwell

Faith of our Fathers

Holy God we praise thy name

Holy, holy, holy

Bless the Lord my soul

Amazing grace

Praise my soul the King of heaven   Score here on Choral Wiki with a great descant for Verse 4

The church’s one foundation


The ‘medium sized seeds’ that the congregation may not know:

God is working his purpose  out (There are two tunes for this)

O thou who at thy Eucharist  (Orlando Gibbons)

God your glory we have seen

The Kingdom of God (to the tune of ‘O Worship the King’ – William Croft)


The seeds that won’t  be germinating in our parish:

The seed is Christ’s

Unless a grain of wheat

All that is hidden (Bernadette Farrell)

Bring forth the kingdom (Marty Haugen)

He’s got the whole world in his hands


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