Missing a Missal?

Catholics across the land are currently Missal-less. Your trusty old Missal that your parents bought you for your First Communion is on it’s last legs; when you open it half of Eucharistic Prayer II falls on the floor. You are frustrated that you cannot follow the prayers said by the Priest at Mass, and you are, after all, a big fan of the new translations of the Collects. You keep forgetting to pick up a Mass card from the back of the church and only ever seem to remember just as the ‘Confiteor’ begins. Will your neighbour frown if you start ‘striking your breast’ prematurely?

If this sounds familiar, then may I suggest the extremely practical and beautifully produced ‘Magnificat’  monthly publication from the Catholic Herald.

            Their website is HERE

This terribly useful little book  is a weekday and Sunday Missal, a hymnal, a breviary, AND MORE, all rolled into one; all for the bargain price of £4 (available at St Paul’s by Westminster Cathedral) or if you subscribe  HERE it is £36 for a yearly subscription. In this month’s edition, there are pieces on the ‘Saints of today and yesterday’ from Teresa of Avila to Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko. (He was only beatified in June 2010.)     There are daily meditations and prayers, aids to preparing for the new Missal and my favourite pages ‘Hymn of the month’ which delves into the wonderful Catholic musical archive. October’s edition features the Responsory in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Ave Maria, and the Antiphon for the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary on 7th October, ‘Viderunt eam.’

And if you want to save the trees, you can download the MAGNIFICAT APP on your iphone from HERE.  UPDATE,  I have been informed the app is American which means it’s the wrong lectionary. Sadly, this is the problem with most other great apps on the ipad/iphone like ibreviary – they all use the American lectionary.  Let’s hope we have an English one soon.

Did Job have ulcers or sores and were they grevious, malignant or just quite horrible?

This Sunday,  the 27th Sunday in Ordinary  Time, the Offertory proper ‘Vir erat in terra’  is the annotated prologue to the Book of Job.  It is basically Job’s abridged story leaving out animals and child stats and no headstrong wife.  If you choose to sing it in English, the marked graphic imagery of Job’s physical afflictions seems to vary between the different translations.

Opt for the most literal translation used in the Abrogast Propers, and Job has as ‘grevious ulcer.’  This version is set to a melody based on Mode 7.

If you choose the Richard Rice polyphonic setting, then you will be singing about Job’s malignant ulcers.

If you pick the Adam Bartlett Simple English Propers then at least you have more verses, so you won’t be left on a dermatological  cliffhanger .

And then there are my ‘REALLY REALLY SIMPLE ENGLISH PROPERS’  which I have been producing for the last few weeks in my parish, based on the Rossini Psalm Tone settings. I have used the same translation as the Simple English propers, found in the Gregorian Missal, and Job just has to contend with ‘horrible sores.’

Here is the PDF of my version  set to the Mode V  psalm tone:-

 26th Sunday Offertory

And therein  lies the problem of using an English translation – the interpretation. I think it is very important that Mass sheets for the Propers should always have both the Latin and the English so you have that point of comparison. And the Latin diagnosis?   Well, he had  ‘gravi  úlcere.’     “Is there a doctor in the house?”

The Association of Latin Liturgy are coming to Brighton

We are delighted to welcome the Association of Latin Liturgy to our parish on Saturday 15th October and all our very welcome.

Solemn Mass in Latin will be celebrated at 12pm by Monsignor Andrew Burnham of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.There is a talk by Mgr Burnham on ‘The Liturgical Patrimony of the Ordinarite and the Reform of the Reform’ at 2.15pm and Solemn First Vespers will be sung at 4.30pm.  The music for the Mass and Vespers will be led by Schola Scholastica.

There is a PDF of the poster to download ALL Poster & Handbill.   Please advertise it in your parish.  It promises to be a wonderful day and everyone is welcome. I also particularly need singers for Vespers. If you are interested then e-mail me at stmarymagdalenchoir@googlemail.com or leave a message in the comments box.

The choir have finally left the beach

The choir are back. We all have marvelous tans because once again, it has been another impeccable summer in Brighton (the sun always shines on the south coast.) Unfortunately we actually have been back for three weeks but  it has taken me that long to get over the shock of having to get up on a Sunday morning again.

So two months have passed, the leaves are now falling off the trees, it’s  96 days and 16 hours until Christmas,  and what has happened? Well we’ve all started saying ‘and with your spirit’ except me that is me, who kept inadvertently saying ‘and with thy spirit’ on Sunday.  I have told the choir that anyone who gets a response wrong has to buy me a drink but sadly I owe them more than they owe me at the moment.

Just think, a year ago we were all heading up to London with our yellow bags resplendent on our backs, hoping to catch a glimpse of a rather important man in white who rides in a small white Mercedes with a strange roof.

I was rather fortunate to get a closer glimpse than I probably should have done