The choir have finally left the beach

The choir are back. We all have marvelous tans because once again, it has been another impeccable summer in Brighton (the sun always shines on the south coast.) Unfortunately we actually have been back for three weeks but  it has taken me that long to get over the shock of having to get up on a Sunday morning again.

So two months have passed, the leaves are now falling off the trees, it’s  96 days and 16 hours until Christmas,  and what has happened? Well we’ve all started saying ‘and with your spirit’ except me that is me, who kept inadvertently saying ‘and with thy spirit’ on Sunday.  I have told the choir that anyone who gets a response wrong has to buy me a drink but sadly I owe them more than they owe me at the moment.

Just think, a year ago we were all heading up to London with our yellow bags resplendent on our backs, hoping to catch a glimpse of a rather important man in white who rides in a small white Mercedes with a strange roof.

I was rather fortunate to get a closer glimpse than I probably should have done


5 thoughts on “The choir have finally left the beach

    • Tara Catherine Bernadette Connor says:

      I went to cardinal newman school reunion on saturday it was really good, old friends I hadnt seen since around 1988-89 came up to me I couldnt believe they remembered me! Still we did all start at primary school together. We took our first holy communion together, confirmations etc so there was alot of happy memories. Although I had to keep dodging an old enemy from school of mine, silly really as they’ve probably forgotten & changed as much as have! It was a real treat seeing cardinal cormac & bishop kieron, I love them they’re great! I didnt see you there!

  1. Jacques says:

    Heeey! Clare is back! 😀 This blog was growing spider webs…

    You guys in Brighton are so lucky with this abundant sunshine, maybe it is the reason for your legendary smiling face? 🙂


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