Missing a Missal?

Catholics across the land are currently Missal-less. Your trusty old Missal that your parents bought you for your First Communion is on it’s last legs; when you open it half of Eucharistic Prayer II falls on the floor. You are frustrated that you cannot follow the prayers said by the Priest at Mass, and you are, after all, a big fan of the new translations of the Collects. You keep forgetting to pick up a Mass card from the back of the church and only ever seem to remember just as the ‘Confiteor’ begins. Will your neighbour frown if you start ‘striking your breast’ prematurely?

If this sounds familiar, then may I suggest the extremely practical and beautifully produced ‘Magnificat’  monthly publication from the Catholic Herald.

            Their website is HERE

This terribly useful little book  is a weekday and Sunday Missal, a hymnal, a breviary, AND MORE, all rolled into one; all for the bargain price of £4 (available at St Paul’s by Westminster Cathedral) or if you subscribe  HERE it is £36 for a yearly subscription. In this month’s edition, there are pieces on the ‘Saints of today and yesterday’ from Teresa of Avila to Blessed Jerzy Popieluszko. (He was only beatified in June 2010.)     There are daily meditations and prayers, aids to preparing for the new Missal and my favourite pages ‘Hymn of the month’ which delves into the wonderful Catholic musical archive. October’s edition features the Responsory in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Ave Maria, and the Antiphon for the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary on 7th October, ‘Viderunt eam.’

And if you want to save the trees, you can download the MAGNIFICAT APP on your iphone from HERE.  UPDATE,  I have been informed the app is American which means it’s the wrong lectionary. Sadly, this is the problem with most other great apps on the ipad/iphone like ibreviary – they all use the American lectionary.  Let’s hope we have an English one soon.


8 thoughts on “Missing a Missal?

  1. Leonie Caldecott says:

    Many thanks for mentioning Magnificat! I am one of the UK editors of Magnificat, and it’s nice to see everyone discovering how helpful it is – particularly with the new translation to take on board. We also produce an illustrated Mass Book for children aged 5-10. It is designed as a colouring book, but it is also a missal. If you are a parent you can follow the new translation over your child’s shoulder as they become familiar with the images behind the Mass… THE MASS ILLUSTRATED FOR CHILDREN (new edition) comes out on October 1st, and you can order it by looking at our website,secondspring.co.uk.

  2. Andrew Witcombe-Small says:

    I have just discovered this blog while googling ‘Stan Metheny’ (who did a teaching session at Spanish Place last night which I attended, and jolly good it was too) and just want to grab this opportunity to say hello to Leonie and thank you for Magnificat, which I have recently started using and have subscribed to.

    It is excellent stuff, and so much easier to carry around in my briefcase than the Daily Office (which I can’t stop feeling guilty about not using).

    Blessings on your labours!

    BTW; I shall be at St MM’s on the 15th Oct and look forward to hearing its choir.

    • Clare says:


      Glad it went well last night at St.James yesterday. Sadly l couldn’t make it.

      If you have an ipad or an iphone, there is a brilliant app called Breviarum Meum with all the extraordinary form hours on it. You can set it up with a parallel translation in English next to the Latin.

      It’s perfect for the commute.

      See you on the 15th. it should be a great day


  3. Tessa Caldecott says:

    Hello, another Caldecott here 🙂
    Just to say, I’m afraid the U.K. edition of MAGNIFICAT is not yet available as an iphone/ipad app.

    The U.S. version is, and that is what the link will take you to, but it will unfortunately have the wrong lectionary, and will not take into account our national calendars. Your best bet is the paper edition for now (please recycle when you’re done with them!)… Hopefully the i-app won’t be too far behind!
    Thanks again for the plug Clare.

  4. leutgeb says:

    My First Holy Communion Missal – 28th May 1978 – gives the dates of Easter up to 1999, so very very far into the future, especially when there was that series – Space 1999.

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