Hymns for 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A



I haven’t done a hymn list for a while so here is a definitive ‘cut out and keep’ guide to what to sing and what not to sing for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary A.


Hymns to pick that everyone will know:

Love Divine all love excelling

Christ is Made the sure foundation

O God our help in ages past

The church’s one foundation

When I survey the wondrous cross

Crucum Tuam  (Taize)

A Marian hymn – It is October after all

Hymns that are ripe for picking but sadly our parish won’t know:

Shepherd of Souls  –   A beautiful beautful hymn complete with JS Bach harmonisation

God is my great desire

Hymns we will be leaving in the field unharvested:

We plough the fields and scatter

I, the Lord of Sea and Sky

You are the vine – Chris O’Hara

And if you have eight wonderful singers, then O Vos Omnes  by Casals is fabulous and very difficult to sing well. Sopranos 1 have a top B flat.

The text is the Antiphon at the 3rd Nocturn on Holy Saturday.




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