Some of my best friends are…. Catholic

Most of my friends are agnostic or atheists. They think l am eccentric not because l ‘go to church’ but because it seems to take up so much of my time. The occasional church attendance seems to be acceptable amongst the middle classes but only if you are trying to seize a place for little Tarquin at the local primary. Dare to send your apologies for non-attendance at a social engagement with the excuse ‘sorry I have to sing at Mass that evening’ and you are bound to encounter more than a raised eyebrow. A friend recently sent an e-mail round to a group of us to fix up a girl’s night out and she said ‘can we organise something before Clare gets booked up with church gigs.’

Which is why Catholic friends and particularly Catholic friends who just happen to be musicians and run choirs in other parishes are so important. They understand. They know.

I was very touched by Leutgeb from Bara Brith’s article on meeting a Catholic who persuaded her to come and sing in Brighton and then onto Solesmes and then… Well the rest is history….


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