A Day with the Association of Latin Liturgy

Yesterday we had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day.

We were honoured to have the Association of Latin Liturgy at our parish along with Monsignor Andrew Burnham and Deacon James Bradley from the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Monsignor Andrew Burnham celebrated Solemn High Mass in Latin in the Novus Ordo, with James Bradley (first deacon) and Brother Anselm from St. Michael’s Abbey, Farnborough  (second deacon)

Lunch was served.  (Mgr Burnham chatting to the acclaimed Catholic journalist and blogger, Joanna Bogle)

The Monsignor’s talk on the ‘Liturgical Patrimony of the Ordinariate and the Reform of the Reform.”

Photos from this on Fr Ray’s blog

Meanwhile there were preparations for Vespers.

Sung Vespers and Benediction.  (Benediction was led by Fr William from Barking.)

And then the day sadly came to a close.

It was a great joy to have so many illustrious visitors to our parish.  (Jeremy de Satge from The Music Makers with one of the Association members)

A special thanks to Christopher Francis from the Association who stepped in at the last minute to  play the organ so magnificently for Vespers and Benediction. To Bernard Marriott, the chairman of the Association for his patience with my relentless e-mail questions, to our Sunday choir for all their hard work, to Andrew our MC,  and to my Schola, Schola Scholastica for singing.

Here they are hard at work with a little help from our monastic friends, Brother Anselm and Brother Michael.

And finally, the most exciting part of the whole day – well, we finally got to use our brand new set of the Parish Book of Chant for Mass and Benediction.



4 thoughts on “A Day with the Association of Latin Liturgy

  1. Clare says:


    It’s an ipad. I have to admit it’s mine. He was looking at a jpeg of the notation for the intercessions at Vespers that came through on e-mail last minute from the Oxford Oratory.

    An ipad is an invaluable tool for any self-respecting Catholic.


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