You’ve seen the stills, you’ve seen the movie, now the soundtrack..

Click on each of the links to hear the music from the Mass of St Theresa of Avila with the Association of Latin Liturgy. It is worth remembering that this is all recorded on the camera microphone which was situated at the front of the church so it won’t give a true representation of the actual sound on the day – the recordings will always sound worse. And be kind when you listen to these as naturally there are mistakes, but God likes mistakes!! It keeps us striving to be better.

One more thing, the propers are sung by Schola Scholastica. The Schola are a female voice Schola formed in the early months of  this year to sing at BOTH forms of the Mass and to encourage others to get involved singing Gregorian Chant. Most Scholas tend to only sing the extraordinary form. We consist of two of us from St Mary Magdalen’s, two from St. James’ Spanish Place, and one from Our Lady of the Rosary, Blackfen in Kent. We are very fortunate to be under monthly instruction from Sister Bernadette, the choir director at St, Cecilia’s on the IOW.

And now the music:=

Introit – Dilexisti

Kyrie Mass XV

Gloria XV

Gradual – Spécie túa

Alleluia – Adducéntur régi


Credo III

Offertory – Filiae Régnum

Offertory – Salve Mater

Sanctus XV

Agnus Dei XV

Communion – Quinque prudéntes

Commmunion – Panis Angelicus – Guiseppe Baini

I’m afraid, I’m missing the epistle and half of the sermon.

And one thing. The reason I have put the recordings of the Ordinary up  is demonstrate that despite what my diocese think (I was told last week Gloria XV is too hard to teach congregations) everyone seems to be singing. The strange thing is, most of our parishioners would never have sung Mass XV before –  but they seemed to manage…. So maybe it is possible to teach congregations a new plainsong Mass rather than giving them a diet of Marty Haugen, Paul Inwood and ‘Taste and See.”


One thought on “You’ve seen the stills, you’ve seen the movie, now the soundtrack..

  1. Stan Metheny says:

    If given the opportunity, congregations will pick up plainchant quickly. Monosyllabic chants they can sight read in modern chant notation. After a few times, they’ll master more elaborate ordinary chants as well. E.g., Mass I, VIII, IX, XI, etc.

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