Music Resources for 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time A

(Strangely, I was given this beautifully restored Victorian oil lamp as a present this week. Incidentally, I don’t have any oil for it. (NB See Gospel for details.))

INTROIT – Intret oratio mea in conspectu tuo ; inclina aurem tuam ad precem meam, Domine. 

This really is an enchanting recording of the Introit. Note the lengthening of mea  and the last group of neumes on the ne of Domine  – two instructions both found in the St Gall manuscript but not in the Graduale Romanum.

In case, you were wondering, this mournful introit comes from the Saturday in Ember week in Lent.

Another option is the Introit sung to a psalm tone. Last year, I was very fortunate to spend a Sunday over at St  Thomas More Seaford, where their excellent choir is run by Tom Hagger. Tom has painstakingly produced a three year cycle of all the propers set to psalm tones including all the Responsorial Psalms. This is the introit for this Sunday:

PDF – introit – seaford

GRADUAL  –  Dirigátur orátio mea sicut incénsum in conspectu tuo, Domine. [Graduale Romanum, p.363]

Score available on Jogues Chant HERE

Our parish psalm tone setting in English 32nd Sunday Gradual

OFFERTORY   Gressus meos dirige Dómine secúndum elóquium tuum 

Full chant score from Jogues Chant  found HERE  with MP3 recording HERE

Simple English Propers

The Seaford Proper   offertory 32nd  with the Psalm verses:

COMMUNION   Proper  –  Quinque  prudentes virgines

Simple English Propers

or  you can sing the Communion Antiphon which is the Lord’s my Shepherd  :

Seaford setting Communion 32nd


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