‘Hail bright Cecilia’ Pray for Us

“But bright Cecilia raised the wonder higher:
When to her Organ vocal breath was given
An Angel heard, and straight appeared –
Mistaking Earth for Heaven.”

                John Dryden “Song for St Cecilia’s Day”

To all parish musicians, composers, singers, poets, organ builders and to our friends at St.Cecilia’s Abbey  on the Isle of Wight, a very happy Feast Day to you all on this, St.Cecilia’s Day.

And please pray for our choir. It has been a very difficult couple of days.

Perhaps the best known of Purcell’s pieces written in honour of St Cecilia, ‘the mighty art,’ the beautiful poem by Nicholas Brady.


2 thoughts on “‘Hail bright Cecilia’ Pray for Us

  1. Tara Catherine Bernadette Connor says:

    Why pray for your choir? Is everything & everyone ok? You’ve got me worried. Yes of course I will pray for you all, Sweet Jesus will protect his precious St.Mary Mags choir. God Bless you all & please pray for me a poor sinner.

    Much Love to you all, especially you dearest lovely Clare,
    From Tara Catherine Bernadette Connor xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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