Music for the 2nd Sunday in Advent

When you are preparing the music for Mass, it is important to remember that a sung Mass is NOT A MUSICAL.  They don’t sing Gregorian Chant on Broadway or stop at the interval to say a decade of the Rosary, so why would you think it is appropriate to sing a song from a hit-show at Mass?

For example, this week’s Introit is Populus Sion taken from the Prophet Isaiah:-

People of Sion, behold the Lord will come to save the Gentiles, and the Lord will make the glory of his voice heard to the joy of your hearts.

This glorious introit filled with optimism and hope perfectly sets up the theme of waiting, waiting with joy in hearts as we prepare for the coming of the Lord.

So why would you ever think that THIS would be a suitable replacement?






4 thoughts on “Music for the 2nd Sunday in Advent

  1. James says:

    Do we know who is singing the Entrance Antiphon/Introit in the first video? I thought it was a Solesmes recording but the one I have doesn’t have the organ accompaniment (which is beautiful).

  2. Ian Williams says:

    Back from the pub after singing mass with the St. Jude Schola (a lost cause?) in Faversham this evening, including this marvellous introit. The communio, Jerusalem Surge, is pretty sublime, too. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do this every Sunday?

  3. Tara Catherine Bernadette Connor says:

    As appropriate as your indroit chant was I personally thought the other piece of music was beautiful, abit theatrical but thats born-agains for you! We all sing & connect differently with our music to the lord. I love a good hymn too, like Queen of the Angels or Abide With Me, but obviously the right choice of music has to go with the right mass. But with any chant or hymn there is no other music in the world that beats a lovely and catholic Ave Maria, you know me Clare-End of!!! You could say Alleluia by Mozart is very musical, but when I heard it sung in the choir at Sacred Heart it blew me & the congregation away! I am sure God loves it all, & even if it is not all sacred music sometimes an uplifting hymn or classic religious piece can leave a massive effect on the sinner because I personally believe unlike the Great FrRay that music is all about emotion & trying to reach out to the philistines!

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