The 12 hours of Christmas

1. Our fabulous crib. It really is astonishing. Go and see it. It was created by Beata. The figure in black in front of the crib is not a permanent addition to the scene.


3.  Last minute preparations for Midnight Mass

4. Some of the  choir warming up for the carol-fest.

5. Midnight Mass 2011.  The church was packed and surprisingly few people left during Mass – usually a common occurrence when Mass starts at 12am.

6.  9am Mass in the EF in the beautiful village church of Steyning. I was the cantor!


7. The multi-talented Dominic Scarborough, when not MC, jobbing organist

8. Fr Sean Finnegan’s excellent sermon. (In case your are about to spit your mince pie into your Boxing Day Bucks Fizz, no l’m not on the sanctuary…  it’s just a very small church.)

9. Still not on the sanctuary.


10.   A hi-speed car journey back to St Mary Magdalen’s just in time for more carol singing at the 10.30am. “fa la la la lah la la la lah…”


11.  Adam the organist who played a total of 21 carols during 12 hours.


12. 11.15am Christmas Day

Photos on FLICKR

Henry has put some photos on FLICKR

A very happy and holy Christmas to everyone. Here’s to a wonderful 2012.

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