The Lost Candlemas Sequence

Happy Candlemas to everyone.

Some call it the ‘lost sequence,’ some are still smarting from the Council of Trent abolishing all but a few of our wonderful sequences,  but the Christmas sequence Laetabundus or Faithful people can still be found in the Dominican Rite today for Candlemas.

The full text can be found HERE.

The music can be found on SCRIDB




2 thoughts on “The Lost Candlemas Sequence

  1. Tara Catherine Bernadette Connor says:

    Hi Clare,
    This has nothing to do with the candlemass, but i enjoyed it all the same. just to warn you that Andrew lloyd Webber has a tv show out soon called Jesus Christ Superstar & wait for it…Women as well as men are allowed to audition for it!!! Can you believe it? Whatever next? Women popes? Just when I thought I had heard it all with the stupid Da Vinci Code rubbish! Well I shan’t be watching it, how blashemus-disgraceful.

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