Now that’s what l call Mass No.1

h/t New Liturgical Movement

Wow! What a Mass. Infact, Mass doesn’t actually start for over an hour, once the procession and Terce are sung.

I watched this in bed last night and then dreamt I was actually at the Mass singing the Gloria. Um….

The music is superb. The chant is divine, led by Jennifer, (unfortunately the cantor is not miked up during the Lumen so you can’t hear the canticle verses being recited.) The Missa Brevis by Wadsworth is a fantastic composition. I love the new music that is coming out of America at the moment.  It is an interesting blend of Renaissance techniques and modern harmonies.

If you are not familiar with the Latin Mass, the commentary throughout is terribly useful.

It’s all too brilliant. The church with a capacity of 1000 was standing room only. Hundreds of priests, and no concelebration! I love the clapping MC to coordinate genuflecting. The liturgy felt modern, current, now. Something for the 21st century.  Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning in the Catholic Church.

Imagine, if we had a Mass like this at Arundel Cathedral, where the glorious sound of chant and polyphony sung by all the diocesan choirs could be heard by everyone, and all the priests in the diocese were invited, and they all turned up to sit in choir, and there wasn’t a polyester chasuble in sight. Maybe I’m still dreaming.


One thought on “Now that’s what l call Mass No.1

  1. Stan Metheny says:

    Yes, it was all very well done, and Jennifer certainly did an outstanding job. It was impressive to see an American Archbishop – other than Cardinal Burke – make the effort to celebrate the EF. A sign of hope in a landscape where they are few and far between.

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