150th Recordings Pt 2 – Locus Iste

Continuing in the series of recordings from our 150th Anniversary Mass on Monday, click on the link below to hear the full choir singing Locus Iste:


Unfortunately, the recording device is located right by the sopranos and the altos so the balance is not ideal. It was such a joy to conduct this piece though. It has one of the most fabulous bass lines ever written. One elderly parishioner, incidentally, asked me a couple of days later whether l had had been fortunate enough to hear the music at the 150th Mass particularly the piece sung at Communion. I told them that yes I was there. Someone else thought we had put a recording on at Communion…

If you are not familiar with this fabulous motet (it’s one of my all time favourites) the text comes from the Gradual for the Mass for the Dedication of a church:

Locus Iste a Deo factus est, 

Inaestimabile sacramentum;

irreprehensibilis est.

This place was made by God, 

a priceless sacrament,

beyond reproach.

We sang this piece as a Communion Motet. It was originally written for the dedication of the votive chapel of Linz Cathedral in 1869  where Bruckner  had been the organist at a younger age.

If you do not know much about Bruckner, he was a devout 19th century Austrian Catholic who wrote piles of sacred works for the Catholic church, as well as nine rather dramatic symphonies. He only started composing seriously at the age of 37.


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