Holy Week and Easter – Singing the Roman Missal 3rd edition

Just when you thought you were getting the hang of the new translations of the Roman Missal then Holy Week comes along to throw you off track. There are some significant textual changes in the new missal for Holy Week and the Easter Vigil which will effect both Celebrant and choir.

Palm Sunday   –    All music settings from ICEL

The opening Antiphon Hosannah filio David. “The king of Israel” is shifted later in the Antiphon to replicate the Latin.
ICEL has both Latin and English versions on the sheet. Graduale Simplex gives notation for Psalm 117 (in Latin) to accompany this Antiphon.

There is also an ICEL accompaniment – although l am assuming that most will be singing this Antiphon outside.

Pueri Hebraeroum, sung when the procession moves forward, is now unsurprisingly translated as The Children of the Hebrews rather than the The Children of Jerusalem.  They now no longer ‘loudly praise the Lord‘ but are ‘crying out saying’ (clamantes et dicentes)
This antiphon is alternated with verses from Psalm 23.

There is no ICEL notation for this. I haven’t found an English chant setting of this Antiphon yet.

 Aristotle Esguerra has written an English setting of this Antiphon using verses from Psalm 46 rather than Psalm 23.  This can be sung in unison or SATB.

Hymn: Gloria, Laus et honour tibi sit

The hymn to Christ the King sung during the procession is no longer listed in the Missal as ‘All glory, laud and honour‘ but ‘Glory and honour and praise be to you‘ a more acccurate translation of Gloria, laus et honour tibi sit. Music for English setting HERE

Ingrediente Domino

The Responsory Ingrediente Domino or As the Lord entered the holy city, sung as the procession enters the church was not even in my old Missal. This or another similar chant which speaks of the Lord’s entrance should be sung.

Suggestions for source for English setting

Further Resources for Palms Sunday:-

Latin texts with addditional accompaniment at Jogues Chant

Simple English Propers – Adam Barlett

Thursday of the Lord’s Supper

Introit: Nos Autem.

Last line ‘liberati sumus’ now translated as ‘delivered’ rather than ‘made free.’

The Simple English Propers do not have use the new ICEL translation.

At the Washing of the Feet all seven Antiphons found in the Graduale Romanum are now listed in the Missal. In the old Missal, the second antiphon, Dominus Jesus, postquam cenavit, was missing. The most noticeable addition to the Antiphons is the full text of the final antiphon from Corinthians including the verse. Caritas is now translated as charity and not love.

Aristotle Esguerra has written adapted the chant settings from the Graduale Romanum into English.  HERE

Offertory – Ubi Caritas

At the Offertory the new translation of the Ubi Caritas is much more poetic than the previous. Deus Ibi est, which was brutally translated as ‘there is God‘ is now ‘God is present there.’ The Latin text ‘Ubi Caritas est vera’ which l am less familiar with than ‘Ubi Caritas et unum’ is given as the option in the CTS Latin/English Missal


Transfer of the Holy Eucharist – Pange Lingua, no new English translation added.

Good Friday

For the celebrant, the Solemm Intercessions have changed. The congregation or dilectissimi nobis are thankfully no longer ‘friends’ but ‘dearly beloved.’ They are all notated on the ICEL site

Ecce lignum Crucis
The Showing of the Holy Cross –  Salus is now more accurately translated as salvation rather than Saviour. The congregation response is now Come, let us adore, (venite adoremus) rather than the horrible ‘Come, let us worship.’

Music in English and Latin and simplified versions HERE

The translation of the antiphon Crucem tuam with Psalm 66.2 has altered.

The newly translated Reproaches are in the new Missal in full. The Greek Hagios o Theos etc remains in Greek in the new translation.

The Chant Cafe promoted these new English settings by Bruce Ford of the American Gradual.

The hymn Crux Fidelis sung after the Reproaches has a new translation in the Missal

ICEL notation in English

The Easter Vigil

Procession. –   Lumen Christi is now translated as ‘The Light of Christ.’ rather than ’Christ our Light.’

Lots of resources for the Exsultet online. Corpus Christi Watershed  has a whole page of practice videos at high and low pitch.

ICEL longer form HERE

Sadly the Antiphons from the Graduale Romanum sung between the readings are still not listed in the new Missal translation only the Responsorial Psalms. There is an instruction now stating that the number of readings from the Old Testament may only be reduced in ‘serious pastoral circumstances.’

Gospel Acclamation Alleluia, this can now be intoned by a psalmist instead of the priest if required.

Baptismal Liturgy HERE
Litany of the Saints –  There are a couple of changes. Per incarnationem tuam not accurately translated as By your incarnation rather than ‘By your coming as Man’.  Resurrectionem now resurrection and not rising to new life. per efffusionem Spiritus Sancti now ‘out-pouring of the Holy Spiritum.

ICEL music setting HERE

Vidi Aquam –  ICEL  HERE

Extra reading:

Information sheet produced by ICEL


If you know of any other new English settings for any of these Masses then leave a comment.


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