Hymns for St.George

Tom Windsor from the Society of St Bede’s has typeset three hymns for the Feast of our English patron saint St. George.

There is a wonderfully triumphant Office hymn, Georgi Militia, glorifying the military soldier and martyr, ‘Regi aeterno militans.’

There is a second office hymn Ad Festum Tanti Martyrs . which again portrays George as   the great, athletic  martyr. Verse five is interesting. ‘cujus sacrata lipsana (whose sacred relics) Felix fovet Germania (are happily looked after in Germany? ) Can someone translate verse five for me properly?

If you want to proclaim St George as our English patron saint, ignoring the other countries, and you have a fondness for dracons then there is the particularly interesting Anglo-centric Processional hymn Salve Festa Dies. Even Henry V gets a mention. If Shakespeare had written hymns for the Catholic Church…


2 thoughts on “Hymns for St.George

    • Lautensack says:

      I suggest that the fifth stanza of the second hymn alludes to the monastery of St George on the summit of the Hohentwiel (in duellensi vertice, close to the Lake of Constance). The snag is that this monastery existed only for a short time in the 10th century, and then it was transferred to Stein am Rhein.

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