Vocations UP!

(Our Schola enjoying a cup of tea at St. Cecilia's last summer.)

The Catholic Herald reports that the number of women joining religious orders has almost tripled in three years. Sadly that number has gone from a mere 6 to 18.

I wonder if the increase in vocations  is thanks to the new song specially commissioned by Fr Christopher Jamison, the former Abbot of Worth Abbey, who he is now the national director for vocations.


Fr Jamison described the song as a “wonderful gift given to the Church. The words are poetic and inspired, worthy of the psalms.”

Those weren’t exactly my words when l listened to it but if you like ‘handbaggy’ kitsch electro-pop it’s not bad. I can’t imagine the sisters at St. Cecilia’s (one of the 18) listening to it though.

My favourite quote from the Herald is Cherrie Anderson, the band’s lead singer, said after writing the song she realised that Cheryl Cole also planned to release a single with the same name. “This is a weird and uncanny coincidence,” she said. “Whereas her song is about her lover calling out her name, our song is about God calling out our name, summoning us to a higher life in which we fulfil our holy and God-given destinies.” Who’s to say Cheryl’s song isn’t also summoning her too a ‘higher life’ especially after her performance at the Queen’s Jubilee Concert.


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