40 Hours Part V – Friday continues

11.45am – The children from our primary school next door are coming in in small groups to pray.

12pm – Sung Mass for a Solemnity. Propers, Gloria XVIII and Credo III and a couple of hymns.

12.45pm – Mass is over. It’s time for more candles…

2pm – Behind the scenes at 40 Hours

3pm  There never seems to be less than 15 in the church at one time. I can hear the click of rosary beads and muttered prayers.

5pm Sung Vespers in Latin. I won’t lie to you. At times it wasn’t beautiful but God loves mistakes – and when do you ever get that many people turning up to a small parish church to participate in the daily office? If only the Magnificat hadn’t been in Mode III. We made up for it with the wonderful office hymn ‘Auctor beate saeculi’ and the Salve Regina.

The whole set of photos are HERE


2 thoughts on “40 Hours Part V – Friday continues

  1. georgem says:

    Vespers was a bit of a slog, even though everyone tried. I think the difficulty is this: if you have had no musical education you can see where the notes go up, down, or stay the same. But you can’t tell what they are going to be. You can only try to follow the lead, attempt predictive powers – and get it wrong! If a chant is long enough, people begin to pick it up through repetition.
    The Salve posed no problems and was lustily sung. I would guess that most of us learned it at school and that really is where it should start (yes, I know). Choir directors simply don’t have the time to drill whole congregations.
    It would be very ungracious not to record my appreciation – and I won’t be the only one – for your contribution to every single sung Office both in preparation and performance. I’ve no idea how you managed to grab any sleep over the 40 Hours. And though we must have sounded like drones, you gave us the best example of how the Office should be sung.

    • Clare says:

      Kind words and don’t worry l did sleep (l don’t do late nights) although l did get abit behind with pointing the psalms and was sat in bed on the Thursday night finishing Terce for the next day.

      The musical highlight for me was hearing all the congregation singing the psalm at Compline. It was note perfect, everyone was singing and it was midnight.

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