40 Hours Pt 4 – Friday

6.20am I was surprised to find a fair few people to in the church. Speaking to one parishioner, she had been there since 7pm last night. She wasn’t the only one.

7am Had to go and run off more copies from Lauds because of the unexpected numbers. We sang Lauds from the Mandelein Psalter with the English rather than American Benedictus. One of my choir members Mary, who recently came to us from the Eastbourne Ordinariate has sung at every Office.

8am Ann

9am Terce notated for us again, by Ian Williams. It is much easier when there is only one Antiphon!

9.30am  The Sacred Heart altar

The day continues with:

10am Rosary

12pm Sung Mass

3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet

5pm Sung II Vespers of the Most Sacred Heart in Latin

11.45pm Compline followed by Benediction

Come down ..



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