Miserere, Misereris, Misericordiam, Miserationum


No, l am not asking for mercy for not having written on this site for so long, I’m looking through my music for tonight’s Missa Cantata (OF) at 7pm at St Mary Magdalen’s. I know I should dread Lent but when l open the Graduale Triplex at the Ash Wednesday and read those opening words of the Introit “Misereris omnium, Domine”  “Have mercy on us all, Lord” l cannot help but feel thrilled at the chance to begin again. The familiarity of the text, the return to the same melody l have studied over and over (my Triplex is covered in pencil markings,) and of course at its root the chance of repentance.



One thought on “Miserere, Misereris, Misericordiam, Miserationum

  1. Stan Metheny says:

    I too was struck by – and found comfort in – the call to repentance and the opportunity to begin again implicit there during this Introit this morning. (Same chant in the EF.)

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