Two of the members of the Schola

Two of the members of the Schola

Your chance to hear the Attende Domine – the Lenten hymn recorded at Heythrop College by Scholae Scholasticae. Click on the link below

04 attende domine

This recording is part of a bigger project. All will be revealed soon.

If you would like your own copy of this recording then drop me a line in the comments box or e-mail stmarymagdalenchoir@googlemail.com and l can send you an Mp3 of this.

A couple of notes about singing the Attende Domine. (Music courtesy of the Parish Book of Chant – Edition II out now!)  WATCH OUT FOR ACCENTS. When you speak the text, you naturally lean on the accented syllables. This same rule should apply when you are singing the notes too. A great example is Mi – se – ré – re.  Don’t shortened the accented syllable. Another syllable that often gets shorted is the opening syllable – the A of Attende. Give it its length. Same goes for ‘et’.

This really is the perfect Lenten hymn. We are pleading to the Lord, to Christ the redeemer, to listen to us, to hear our prayers and have mercy on us.

In our parish we are singing this hymn every Sunday during Lent until Passiontide when we sing the Office hymn the Vexilla Regis.





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