My talk tonight

Tonight l’m talking at All Saints church in Oxted (RH8 0AA) at 7.30pm on the music of the liturgy. If you are in the area, come along.  Amongst the usual of my favourite documents of the church like Sacrosanctum Concilium, Tra la Tra le Sollecitudini, Spirit of the liturgy l will be looking at selections of music for this coming Sunday, the music sung in the Vatican today at the Mass for the election of a Pope, and Bishop Egan’s latest pastoral letter.

To start the talk, l am going to compare two lenten hymns from two quite different eras. In one of these hymns we ask for God’s forgiveness, in the other it’s a given that he’s going to forgive you. infact by the time you start singing this song, you are forgiven – easy! One feels penitential and the other is supposed to be penitential but really it feels like you are being fast-tracked through the whole penitential process. One of the hymns has the Lord at the centre of our supplication, the other it’s really all all about us. One of these hymns l unfortunately grew up with, one of these hymns l unfortunately didn’t…

I wonder if you guess which hymn is which


04 attende domine


Come Together


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