Hymns to St Francis

Celebrate the election of our Holy Father, Francis I with a hymn or two to St.Francis.

UPDATE SCROLL DOWN FOR A NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the LAUDS HYMN to ST FRANCIS. Thanks to Stan Metheny(who said he could do a better job if he had more time!)

1. There is obviously Make Me a Channel of your peace which is normally attributed to St Francis, but it may have only been written a hundred years.

There are other musical settings than the one we all familiar with.

2. Most High Omnipotent Lord or ‘The Canticle of the Sun’ –  The Meter is 887 88.  Melody ASSISSI

Melody is available in Common Praise hymnal. Nothing in the regular hymnbooks with that meter.

1 Most High, omnipotent, good Lord,
to thee be ceaseless praise outpoured,
and blessing without measure.
From thee alone all creatures came;
no one is worthy thee to name.

2 My Lord be praised by brother sun
who through the skies his course doth run,
and shines in brilliant splendour;
with brightness he doth fill the day,
and signifies thy boundless sway.

3 My Lord be praised by sister moon
and all the stars, that with her soon
will point the glittering heavens.
Let wind and air and cloud and calm
and weathers all, repeat the psalm.

4 By sister water be thou blessed,
most humble, useful, precious, chaste;
be praised by brother fire;
jocund is he, robust and bright,
and strong to lighten all the night.

5 By mother earth my Lord be praised;
governed by thee she hath upraised
what for our life is needful.
Sustained by thee, through every hour,
she bringeth forth fruit, herb, and flower.

6 My Lord be praised by those who prove
in free forgivingness their love,
nor shrink from tribulation.
Happy, who peaceably endure;
with thee, Lord, their reward is sure.

7 For death our sister, praised be,
from whom no one alive can free.
Woe to the unprepared!
But blest be they who do thy will
and follow thy commandments still.

8 Most high, omnipotent, good Lord,
to thee be ceaseless praise outpoured,
and blessing without measure.
Let creatures all give thanks to thee,
and serve in great humility.

3. In Caelesti collegio Franciscus  –  Lauds Hymn for his feast day on 4th October

This is taken from the Liber Hymnarius :

In Caelesti collegio

English Translation:-

In the heavenly company,

Francis shines in glory,

Bearing the marks of Christ

By a distinguished privilege.

This brother of the poor

Announcing the cross of the Lord,

the sign of the covenant

Has become companion of the apostles.

This martyr by desire

Carries the cross after Jesus

Christ unites him with the

Gathering of martyrs in heaven.

Francis was always bearing

The cross through abstinence

Now he has happily obtained

The glory of the Confessors.

Shining with sparkling splendour

Following the Lord who suffered

Now by way of reward of his chastity

He rejoices in the choir of virgins.

May the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Through the wounds of Francis

Make us shine with divine light

And give us the gifts without end. Amen.

4. Appropriate Vespers hymns are found from the Common of a Confessor not a bishop :

– Iste confessor Domini (P.1196 in the Liber Usualis)


2 thoughts on “Hymns to St Francis

    • Clare says:

      It is awful. I had to sing it regularly at school – can’t have put me off too much though because l choose Francis as my confirmation name.

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