Ann Furse – Requiescat in pace.


Ann died in the early hours of this morning. Ann was the life and soul of our parish. She was formerly the sacristan and always sat at the front at every Mass telling the servers off if they had laid something out incorrectly on the altar. If it was a Solemnity she would always nip over the road to the hairdressers first before Mass. An hour before Mass you would hear the keys in the side door and in came Ann in her motorised buggy or her ‘wheeliebin’ as she liked to call it. I would try and give her Mass sheet and she would always say ‘”Now Clare you know l don’t sing.” That is except for O Bread of heaven or one of the more popular Marian hymns. At every parish party she would always bring her trademark dish of ‘slightly squashed’ smoked salmon on brown bread.  She adored St Anthony and used to pray to him fervently if she mislaid anything. She loved reading Fr Ray’s blog but she had terrible problems using a computer so she would ask the printers down the hill to print off all the pages for her, which she neatly arranged in a folder. She knew everyone in the shops near the church.  Invariably they weren’t Catholic but she would always try and get them along to Mass.  I used to tease her terribly but l adored her, we all did. She will be greatly missed. Requiescat in pace.



One thought on “Ann Furse – Requiescat in pace.

  1. Ann Manno says:

    Just browsing I note the passing of Ann Furse, aka Fuzzy, she and I went to the Assumption Convent in the UK, two schools.

    My condolences to Neil and families.

    I was known as Rosspot, aka Ann Ross.

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