Shopping around this Easter

Our local rag The Argus ran a story yesterday exclaiming that Brighton’s label as the ‘Godless city of Britain” –  l think we came second to Norwich – was rather shockingly not the case this weekend. According to the minsters quoted, including our own publicity-shy Parish priest, apparently people actually went to Mass rather than spend the weekend in Primark.

A busy church

A busy church

“Congregations spilling out of the front doors into the street and cars lined up bumper-to-bumper on pavements outside churches may not be the image that people associate with the UK’s God- less City.

Easter Sunday outside St Mary Magdalen’s

But the weekend’s Easter celebrations are a clear indication that Christianity is alive and kicking in Brighton and Hove.

Ministers have told The Argus that it was standing room only in their churches as many came to devotedly mark this most important of Christian festivals.”

The Argus ran this story in the middle of the paper, it’s headline story however was Worst Easter ever for Sussex traders. 

Probably not seen in a church near you

Probably not seen in a church near you

So basically it was a good thing that we all went to church, but shame on you for not popping into the shops afterwards. You can’t win really.


One thought on “Shopping around this Easter

  1. Genty says:

    Well, I certainly shopped around on Easter Sunday – and found myself at St. Mary Mag’s TLM. Does that count?

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