Candlemas Missa Cantata

B&W Candlemass 2nd Feb 2009-4

Tomorrow at 6.30pm there will be a Missa Cantata in the Extraordinary form for Candlemas, or The Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary by it’s proper name. Unusually, the 10.30am will be a low Mass tomorrow, but then it is not very often Candlemas falls on a Sunday.

B&W Candlemass 2nd Feb 2009-27

It’s five years since our first ever Missa Cantata and it snowed heavily on that day. Our choir that evening consisted of myself and four others and l think l had barely sung a note of Gregorian Chant before then. I recall that it took me several weeks to learn the Adorna Thalamum, the antiphon for the Procession, and l had pages of crib notes about when to sing what.

Do come tomorrow night if you can, especially if you don’t usually go to a Latin Mass.  If you are familiar with Gregorian Chant and want to sing with us, then we are rehearsing in the presbytery from 4.15pm tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.  Also, pray we have no snow or any other extreme weather event.

B&W Candlemass 2nd Feb 2009-7


One thought on “Candlemas Missa Cantata

  1. Stan Metheny says:

    Clare, your planning a Missa Cantata in February is surely tempting fate. Here we finally had a week without snow only to have a forecast of freezing rain and ice for tomorrow. Let’s pray bad weather holds off in both places until we have finished singing Candelmas.

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