Jeremy De Satgé RIP

IMG_6591It is with such sadness that l learnt this morning of the death of dear Jeremy De Satge. Jeremy was a brilliant musician, a leading light in promoting good Catholic liturgical music through his company The Music Makers, and a great supporter of our choir at St Mary Magdalen’s. He came down to hold a one day workshop several years ago, and we became firm friends. He would often drop me a an e-mail to see if l needed any help or advice running the choir and we even performed his music after he kindly sent me a set of his three part Communion Motets.

The photo above was taken at Birmingham Oratory in September 2013 when Jeremy showed us all how easy it was to teach children to teach Gregorian Chant and how easily they could take to singing Latin.

He inspired many.

His funeral will be held at 10am at St.George’s Cathedral, Southwark on Friday 14th March.

My prayers go to his family at this incredibly difficult time.