Happy Feast Day to us

Happy feast to us!

And many congrats to Gerry who has retired after 75 years (!) of serving at St Mary Magdalen’s

Hundreds of photo HERE of Mass followed by the parish party.

The choir are now on their summer hols so see you in September.

40 Hours Part V – Friday continues

11.45am – The children from our primary school next door are coming in in small groups to pray.

12pm – Sung Mass for a Solemnity. Propers, Gloria XVIII and Credo III and a couple of hymns.

12.45pm – Mass is over. It’s time for more candles…

2pm – Behind the scenes at 40 Hours

3pm  There never seems to be less than 15 in the church at one time. I can hear the click of rosary beads and muttered prayers.

5pm Sung Vespers in Latin. I won’t lie to you. At times it wasn’t beautiful but God loves mistakes – and when do you ever get that many people turning up to a small parish church to participate in the daily office? If only the Magnificat hadn’t been in Mode III. We made up for it with the wonderful office hymn ‘Auctor beate saeculi’ and the Salve Regina.

The whole set of photos are HERE

40 Hours Pt 4 – Friday

6.20am I was surprised to find a fair few people to in the church. Speaking to one parishioner, she had been there since 7pm last night. She wasn’t the only one.

7am Had to go and run off more copies from Lauds because of the unexpected numbers. We sang Lauds from the Mandelein Psalter with the English rather than American Benedictus. One of my choir members Mary, who recently came to us from the Eastbourne Ordinariate has sung at every Office.

8am Ann

9am Terce notated for us again, by Ian Williams. It is much easier when there is only one Antiphon!

9.30am  The Sacred Heart altar

The day continues with:

10am Rosary

12pm Sung Mass

3pm Divine Mercy Chaplet

5pm Sung II Vespers of the Most Sacred Heart in Latin

11.45pm Compline followed by Benediction

Come down ..


40 Hours Part 3

8.45pm The church is packed as the Polish Community lead an hour of Eucharistic songs and prayers. It was interesting hearing the Adoro Te sung in Polish.

9.10pm 40 Hours is a good excuse to stay up late.

9.40pm Singing the Salve Regina at the end of Compline

The rest are HERE

40 Hours – Part Two

11.30am There are still at least 15 in the church. I don’t think anyone can believe the numbers turning up. There were over 40 at Mass this morning at 8am!

12pm Sext is sung.

2.30pm Laurence takes a break from blogging

2.45pm More parishioners arriving.

3pm Christine leads the Divine Mercy Chaplet

3.20pm None is sung. Have to run off more copies on the photocopier because of unexpected numbers. Many thanks to Ian Williams who specially set the little hours in English for us to sing over the next couple of days. Have a look at his beautiful handiwork. None Booklet – Brighton June 2012

5pm Father Ray leads the sung First Vespers of the Sacred Heart. We used the Fr. Weber setting.

6pm The weather is turning. The light is starting to go outside, but the candles burn on.

Mgr Wadsworth – Has Vatican II stood the test of time?

Last night at St Mary Magdalen’s, the authoritative Executive Director of ICEL Mgr Andrew Wadsworth, questioned  whether Vatican II and its documents had stood the test of time.

Continuing in the series of 150th Anniversary lectures, Mgr Wadsworth considered whether we have ended up with a liturgy that was not mandated by the council by weighing up the positive and negative developments of the liturgy since Vatican II.

Speaking to an audience of both clergy and laity from across the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, he touched on a variety of potentially provocative subjects including a subject close to my own heart, the appalling banality of some liturgical music practices.

You can watch this insightful and thought-provoking lecture in full complete with the audience question and answer session.