St Mary Magdalen Choir – About us

Since its creation in 2008, the choir of St Mary Magdalen’s RC church in Brighton has gone from strength to strength. It was originally set up to promote the traditional music of the Catholic liturgy. Initially just specialising in Gregorian chant, the choir has now expanded it’s repertoire to include a range of polyphony from Josquin Du Prez to Palestrina, Tomas Luis Victoria to Thomas Tallis. They sing every Sunday at the 10.30am Mass and for most feasts and solemnities.

We are always looking for new singers. Get in touch with the Director Clare:


2 thoughts on “St Mary Magdalen Choir – About us

  1. leo Smeets says:

    I am a professional choir conductor in ‘s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. I was looking for good motets for the 4 sunday after Lent: Ego sum pastor bonus. Than I came on your very interesting site. On the 15 of May one of my choirs Vivente, is going to have a jubilee tour from 4 days in London and we have an official invitation to sing in St Pauls Cathedral on the 15 of Mai and also in the the Parish Hampstead Church on the 17 of may. We look forward to sing there. Maybe there is a possibiltuyof singing in your cathedral in the future or you can sing in the netherlands? Who knows?

    • Clare says:

      Sounds wonderful. We are always happy to host visiting choirs. I would add though we aren’t a cathedral but a small parish church in the centre of Brighton . Clare

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