Brighton’s shocking proposed cuts to music service

Why can’t low income children learn a musical instrument in Brighton?

Before Christmas, Brighton and Hove Council (run by the minority Green Party) announced planned cuts in the Music Service in our city. This service currently has 2500 children each week engaged in Music and Arts activities, of which a fifth of those are children from low income families.

Today is the last day to sign the Petition  which could reverse the proposal against these abominable cuts.  Go and sign it, even if you don’t live in our city, or write to the finance cabinet minister  Jason Kitcat who incidentally, lives in our parish.

From my own fortunate experience, I think learning a musical instrument is one of the most important things you can offer children. Why should families from low incomes be deprived of this vital opportunity?

The Argus has an account on the successful Mass busking protest held yesterday in Churchill Square.



3 thoughts on “Brighton’s shocking proposed cuts to music service

  1. berenike says:

    Try getting in touch with people in the former Lothian Region: Marjorie Dougal (Edinurgh Youth Orchestra) might be a good place to start. The same thing happened there, and they might have some stats or anecdotes that you could use. I was one of the lucky ones before the cuts, lessons in school on two instruments, district and regional windbands, orchestras, choirs, …

    The director of instrumental music for Edinburgh City Council was found dead some years ago. He was a wonderful committed musician and teacher. It happened after some years of cuts, and the announcement of further cuts.

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